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Something very new is happening in the world of photography, and we think you're going to like bodyscape photography.

It's called high-contrast photography, or "bodyscapes" for short. This style uses a single strip light to allow total control over lighting to create a narrow beam of light to focus on just one part of the model's body.

Intense shadows and high detail come together to create absolutely stunning photographs that accentuate the client's favorite part of her body.

Normally, the background will be entirely black, to ensure that the body is the only striking color in the shot. But don't worry, the light will be just a touch, so your body won't be as overexposed as you'd imagine.

If going full nude is not something you're ready for Great, you can choose the bare of your back, your bottom, your legs, your neck or any other part of your body that makes you feel your best.

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